Kortezh Project Minivan Spotted Near Kremlin

Not that much we know about the Kortezh Project Minivan. The Kortezh (Cortege) project started in an honor of one of the towers in Kremlin (Moscow). The vehicle is designed to be used by top Russia’s officials. Also called as the presidential limousine, it is used by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

This minivan replaces the armored Mercedes S-Class and is presented during the presidential inauguration. The best thing about the Kortezh minivan is that it anyone can buy it for the right price. On the other hand, the price is not affordable. According to some Russian media, this vehicle development cost around $180 million. As the reports are suggesting, there should be up to 5,000 Kortezh models in a four-year time. So why is this minivan so expensive? Let’s find out.

Kortezh Project Minivan

Kortezh Project Minivan exterior design

The exact vehicle’s dimensions are not available, but we can see that the Mercedes V-Class is smaller for sure. There are a couple of available body styles which includes an SUV, limo, sedan and minivan styling and dimensions. The overall look is aggressive as it should be, and the front end looks mean. The grille sits taller and the headlights are looking square.

The access is easy thanks to the large sliding doors on both sides. The overall shape is boxy and not so modern. However, the looks are not so important as the Kortezh Project Minivan is serving to its purpose. This presidential vehicle can repel bullets and is equipped with plenty of safety stuff, both from inside and outside.

Kortezh Project Minivan interior

Kortezh Project Minivan interior is luxurious

The interior offers all sort of amenities that are similar or the same as on the other luxurious and world-famous models. That includes a digital dashboard and plenty of multimedia systems. According to the available photos, the interior offers premium features and materials. That includes wood accents and leather seats.

The room inside the cabin is more than ample. Advanced features include an infrared vision and numerous self-defense systems that we had an opportunity to see in a James Bond movies. The vehicle is also capable of releasing tear gas and the passenger compartment is completely sealed.

Kortezh Project Minivan seats

Kortezh Project Minivan engine specs

Special vehicles need special attention. With that in mind, Robert Bosch is hired to develop a stunning engine. Bosch works for Porsche, an established carmaker that is well-known thanks to its powerful engines. According to rumors, a V8 engine is under the Kortezh Project Minivan.

This powertrain generates up to 600 HP and it offers a 9-speed automatic transmission with four-wheel drive configuration. Another engine is in development and it will be more powerful than the existing one. However, it is yet unknown which engine will power the minivan, sedan or SUV models.

Kortezh Project Minivan view

Kortezh Project Minivan price and release date

The Kortezh Project Minivan will go on sale in the first quarter of 2019. The price is yet to be specified, but the price will circle around $100,000. Until it makes a production, the plan is to make up to 5,000 Kortezh models.

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