GAC Reviled Entranze Concept at Detroit Auto Show

GAC is planning to sell cars in the United States and its appearance at the Detroit Auto Show last week is the proof we’ve been all hoping for. Besides numerous models, one electric concept especially caught the attention. The new GAC Entranze Concept is a minivan and according to the Chinese automaker, it presents an ultimate road trip vehicle.

A futuristic family hauler will try to find its place in the American market. It is basically a model with the crossover-like exterior and the spaciousness of a minivan. Entranze Concept offers plenty of modern touches and there is room for seven passengers. Even some self-driving systems are available.

GAC Entranze Concept

GAC Entranze Concept Exterior Remind Us Of Some Modern Crossovers

The world had an opportunity to see a somewhat strange exterior design of the new GAC Entranze Concept. The shape is clearly the same as the modern crossovers and SUVs. However, this model will be classified as a minivan. There is plenty of glass on the body itself.

Sliding glass doors are the first thing you’ll probably notice. We still don’t know how the safety works with the glass doors. It raises a question if only a concept comes with so much glass and the production model will offer something completely different and safer.

GAC Entranze Concept interior

GAC Entranze Concept Interior Is Very Spacious

The all-new GAC Entranze Concept comes with an innovative (or weird) 3+2+2 seat configuration. It is an interesting interior layout and design is even more interesting. Plenty of oddly-placed features and the seating configuration are surely causing plenty of interests from the car lovers. The first row offers three seats and we’ve never seen anything similar to the crossover-minivan model. Again, you will find plenty of glass materials from the inside.

Moreover, screens are everywhere. All of the screens are placed around the dashboard. For an instance, there are two smaller OLED screens at the place where the dash and the doors meet. The craziest part is that each side is offering two OLED units. Besides that, a single display sits in the middle of the dash. The steering wheel comes with an odd shape and plenty of controls on it. However, GAC claims that most of the functions are controlled via built-in voice assistant. On top of that, some self-driving systems and features will be in the offer. The comfort is great and the interior is very spacious.

GAC Entranze Concept side

GAC Entranze Concept Powertrain

Unfortunately, GAC didn’t say anything about the possible drivetrain. We know it is an all-electric vehicle and that’s about it. The arriving GAC Entranze Concept will surely deliver at least a solid number of horses and torque.

Moreover, Chinese carmaker described this crossover-van as an ultimate road trip vehicle. Knowing that Entranze will surely offer impressive mileage. Some reports are already suggesting a 370 miles figures on a single charge. That would surely satisfy the customers.

GAC Entranze Concept rear

GAC Entranze Concept Price and Release Date

Chinese automaker plans to begin selling cars in the United States in 2019. Knowing that we could see the GAC Entranze Concept by the end of the year. GAC will also introduce the GM6 minivan and the GS5 SUV in the near future. Pricing details are not available, unfortunately.

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