2020 Chrysler Portal Is The New Compact Electric Minivan

The newest 2020 Chrysler Portal was presented at the Consumer Electronic Shows and the first impressions are quite impressive. It is an electric minivan that offers room for six passengers. Chrysler currently lacks real passenger vehicles with the Pacifica and 300 as the only models in this category. Moreover, the 300 sedan could face a discount in the near future.

The 2020 Portal is the future, it comes with futuristic design and astonishing interior features. A modern minivan that so nicely describes Chrysler’s plans for the future. Portal will hit the markets at some point next year and it is a product of collaboration between Chrysler and Panasonic. On top of that, we expect affordable price and Portal will be a perfect family model so forget about the amazing performances.

2020 Chrysler Portal front

2020 Chrysler Portal Comes With A Futuristic Design

It is not official yet, but 2020 Chrysler Portal will arrive as a compact minivan. It comes with small proportions and the first thing you will spot on it is the glass. Plenty of glass. The styling is very modern and futuristic. Portal offers no overhang around the wheels so the design is a bit strange. On the other hand, its design is very unique and interesting.

The front end comes with the integrated LED headlights that almost sits in the hood. Speaking of the hood, it comes with the small air holes for the cooling of an electric motor. The windshield is very large and the roof is completely made of glass. Curving roof, sliding doors, and larger taillights are completing this interesting look.

2020 Chrysler Portal interior

2020 Chrysler Portal Interior Is Modern And Tech Rich

The forthcoming 2020 Chrysler Portal comes with very modern interior design. Everything from the inside looks unique and futuristic. The arriving compact minivan will offer numerous features and systems that are very interesting. Chrysler claims that the Portal minivan will be level three semi-autonomous. That means the minivan will deploy sensors and radars only in certain situations.

Moreover, Chrysler already announced level four in the near future. Portal comes with the room for six passengers across the three rows. Each row offers two captain’s chairs. Interior is practical and Portal will offer rails that will allow occupants to slide front and back. Thanks to that, passengers can customize the seating position in numerous ways. Comfort is guaranteed with this model and Chrysler is offering two-tone interior schemes.

2020 Chrysler Portal side

2020 Chrysler Portal Engine Rumors

We know basically everything about the 2020 Chrysler Portal. However, the drivetrain is still a mystery. The presentation clearly showed us a battery-powered minivan. According to Chrysler’s diagram, a larger part of the center floor panel will accommodate a large battery. Up front, Portal hosts only one electric motor.

That means the 2020 Portal will arrive as a front-wheel-drive model. A 100-kWh lithium-ion battery will be in the offer for sure and it will provide around 250 miles on a single charge. Maybe even more. Faster chargers will allow up to 150 miles of range in 20 minutes of charging which is impressive. Total output is not available yet but doesn’t expect hot numbers in terms of horses and torque.

2020 Chrysler Portal rear

2020 Chrysler Portal Release Date and Price

The compact minivan will hit the markets at some point in 2020. The 2020 Chrysler Portal is a perfect example of the carmaker’s plan for the future. The futuristic minivan will cost in the same range as the Chrysler 300 sedan or slightly more. That means you can expect the price of around $35,000.

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