2019 Mercedes V-Class is the new modern minivan

The arriving model of an all-new 2019 Mercedes V-Class will represent a new generation. This may come as a surprise because of this minivan already looks astonishing and modern.

On the other hand, Mercedes is a well-known German carmaker that is always growing and its models are better than its predecessors. The testing model of this vehicle is caught testing on the public road.

2019 Mercedes V-Class front view

2019 Mercedes V-Class exterior is sharp and aerodynamic

The exterior will keep its dimensions and shape. The 2019 Mercedes V-Class is already one of the nicest minivans on the car market and this minivan will now look even better. Boxy as always, this model will feature more sharp edges and modern lines. The aerodynamics are improved, and some amenities are either upgraded or replaced. The headlights are larger than before and are moved closer to the grille. The shape of the headlights is the same, which means square shape is still present.

The front grille is wider and is made out from chrome materials exclusively. To the sides, the 2019 V-Class will see exactly the same, while the rear end gets an update. The taillights are wider and larger, the same stands for the rear glass. Thanks to the bigger rear glass, visibility from the inside are way better. All these changes are just a proof of how great Mercedes is, as the German carmaker makes good vehicles looking even better.

2019 Mercedes V-Class interior

2019 Mercedes V-Class interior is classy

The interior of the 2019 Mercedes V-Class looks stunning. No doubt that this is a class-leading interior whether speaking of comfort or high-tech support. The legroom is ample and you can fit eight adults with no problem at all. The seats are slightly different and are more supportive. Front seats are offering a lumbar support and even the base model offers Alcantara leather seats.

The instrument cluster gets a redesign and the number of buttons is decreased. Fewer buttons mean new and larger touchscreen that is very responsive and functional. Infotainment system supports phone connectivities such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The safety is improved, and this the minivan is a real family favorite for so many reasons.

2019 Mercedes V-Class side view

2019 Mercedes V-Class engine, acceleration and top speed

A new generation of the upcoming 2019 Mercedes V-Class minivan still carries some old habits. The base model will use an old 2.1-liter a four-cylinder drivetrain that generates 161 HP and 280 lb-ft of torque. Higher trim levels will probably get a couple of optional engine options, or at least two. That should include at least one the diesel engine and even a hybrid drivetrain could be an option in the near future.

For now, the only option is a 2.1-liter BlueTec V250 and with this mill, Mercedes V-Class can reach from 0 to 60 mph in 8.8 seconds. Top-speed is rated at 130 mph and this drivetrain uses a 6-speed automatic transmission. An all-wheel-drive configuration is optional. Moreover, fuel economy numbers are yet to be announced, but we expect a slight improvement.

2019 Mercedes V-Class rear view

2019 Mercedes V-Class price and release date

The comfort and luxury are great, however, everything has its own price. While not the most affordable minivan on the market, 2019 Mercedes V-Class is for sure a top-choice. The price starts at around $67,000 and we could expect this minivan to arrive in the first months of 2019.

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