2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan is the new attractive compact van

The upcoming 2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan is the smallest van in the company’s lineup and it is the first product of a cooperation between Mercedes and Renault. The reason why Citan looks familiar is that it wears a Renault Kangoo body. Even the German carmaker claimed that the Citan isn’t a classic Merc’s engineering. However, some categories such as suspension, bodywork, and engine are reworked in order to provide more Mercedes-ness.

Name “Citan” is a combination of two words, “city” and “titan”. It does make sense, as Citan is a perfect vehicle for a city logistics and for everyday city jobs. The 2019 Citan comes with plenty of configurations, and with the three wheelbases in the offer. This minivan comes with good fuel-efficiency, a large cabin with plenty of room, and with an improved performance.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan front view

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan chassis provides a great handling

The all-new Citan is coming in three available lengths, compact, long and extra long. A Citan Crew Van is also available and it is more like a combi version that provides five seats and plenty of cargo space. The chassis is all-new and it provides a better handling. The overall construction is robust and the exterior design looks dynamic.

Furthermore, the front part includes a large radiator grille with Merc’s badge in the middle of it. The headlights are also striking with the pronounced arrow shape. The sliding doors look classy and are fitted with a Long or Extra-long wheelbase.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan interior view

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan Interior is similar to the Renault Kangoo model

The interior of the upcoming 2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan is based on the Renault Kangoo model. Of course, some classic Mercedes’ styling cues can be found inside the cabin, however, the dashboard is the same as in the Kangoo model. On the other hand, the center stack comes with the same layout as most of the Mercedes models.

The layout is nicely fitted and you can operate things such as indicators, wipers, and other controls. The noise insulation is much improved and curved A-pillars are providing great visibility. Electric windows, heated door mirrors, central locking, roof rails, Bluetooth and USB ports are all included as standard. The seats are manually adjustable, and automatic climate control is optional, just like the navigation, automatic wipers, auto headlights, rear parking sensors and heated front seats.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan Engine Options

The forthcoming 2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan will arrive with two engine options. The first option is a gasoline 2.0-liter unit that creates 114hp. A diesel drivetrain is also available and it comes with three subcategories, so the customers can opt for a 75 HP, 90 HP or 110 HP drivetrain options. The fuel-efficiency is improved and the approaching 2019 Citan is competitive with some rivals such as VW Caddy, Peugeot Partner EGC and Citroen Berlingo.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan rear view

2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan Price and Release Date

The price of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan is starting at around $17,500. Thanks to the numerous different configurations, new Citan could cost slightly over $22,000 with more options loaded. However, the newest Mercedes’ van will hit the markets in the second half of 2018.

German manufacturer plans to strengthen presence in the Russian dealerships and some speculations are suggesting that the Russian markets will see new Citan right after Germany does.

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