2019 Chrysler Portal offers a driving range of 250 miles

The future is bright for the Chrysler company. Last year’s Consumer Electronics Show was the place where Chrysler introduced is Portal model. It was a concept back then, and it is a concept today. However, things are about to change as the 2019 Chrysler Portal is coming to the markets.

This minivan looks extremely modern and it sports plenty of cool lines and curves. The styling is brilliant and the general design is astonishing. According to Chrysler, Portal will represent the future of family vehicles. There will be room for six persons inside the cabin and this minivan will arrive as an all-electric model.

2019 Chrysler Portal

2019 Chrysler Portal exterior is unique

The 2019 Chrysler Portal will arrive as a compact minivan. The exterior will sport plenty of glass, but less than on the concept. The styling is modern and we hope Portal will look exactly the same as on the concept. There is no overhang around the wheels and we like the unique door look. Integrated LED headlights are looking distinctive and the hood is kinda small with tiny air holes.

On the other hand, large windshield comes with the curvier approach and it looks brilliant in the combination with the roof glass. The side profile provides sliding doors and beautiful character lines. The rear end hosts larger taillights and the rear glass is also large. Generally, it is a unique piece of styling, especially for the minivan.

2019 Chrysler Portal interior

2019 Chrysler Portal cabin offers a futuristic look

When you look at the exterior, the only logical outcome is a futuristic interior. And that is about to happen. Of course, the systems and amenities will be regular, we are talking about the appearance and look. The upcoming 2019 Chrysler Portal combines plenty of modern technologies with the futuristic look and the cabin look perfect. Whatsoever, the company’s design language is visible on the air vents and some other features. With that in mind, plenty of “regular” design is easy to spot.

The Portal minivan can accommodate up to six passengers. There are three rows of captain’s chairs that are sliding front and back. Thanks to the pair of rails, the cabin is very practical and customizable. Passengers can reorganize the configuration of seats in a second. We like the door panels that are both weird and stylish at the same time. The interior is available in the two-tone color scheme and the comfort is great.

2019 Chrysler Portal seats

2019 Chrysler Portal powertrain

The minivan will ride on the electric motor. The motor will sit under the center floor panel and there won’t be two electric motors as some reports suggested. We know for sure that the 2019 Chrysler Portal will arrive with the front-wheel-drive setup.

Furthermore, Portal is coming to the markets to offer the whole package of comfort and efficiency. Don’t expect a huge amount of horsepower or torque figures. After all, this is a family vehicle so we can rule out any type of powerful performance. The driving range of this model is 250 miles thanks to 100 kWh battery pack capacity.

2019 Chrysler Portal rear

2019 Chrysler Portal price and release date

The upcoming 2019 Chrysler Portal will hit the markets at the beginning of 2019. The price of this minivan is not available yet and it is hard to even predict the cost of Portal model.

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