2018 Nissan Quest Redesign

The 2018 Nissan Quest is a simple and innovative minivan that will soon show up at the Nissan dealerships throughout the world. Nissan is revered as one of the pioneering manufacturers on the planet, with the Nissan Quest being the automobile manufacturer’s best-selling model in the minivan division. It is interesting to be wary of what the future Nissan Quest has in store for us.

Rumor has it that Nissan plans on tapping into the highly lucrative minivan market from another approach. The next Nissan Quest would be based on a whole new platform so that it would look completely different from the previous releases. It is slated to convey a host of upgrades as well. These updates would enable Nissan to upsurge sales and get a shot at the best minivan title.

2018 Nissan Quest front

2018 Nissan Quest – Exterior and Interior Updates

The 2018 Nissan Quest is a new product that is based on Nissan’s Forum Concept, the Nissan Elgrand. It would adhere to a front-wheel-drive and front-engine layout. While it will retain its minivan-specific rear body, it will get revised designs on the front end. Unlike the previous editions, the inbound Nissan Quest presents a robust-yet-sleek look at the front fascia. Its short hood has a higher ground clearance than its earlier versions. Adaptive LED lights also appear on flank Nissan’s iconic V-shaped grille.

The exterior section of this van comprises Ambient LED lighting systems for taillights and headlights, ensuring that you get a comfortable driving experience day and night. The new Quest also comes with redesigned alloy wheels. Plus, it is set to convey a variety of distinct color options.

Interior Features

The interior region of the 2018 Nissan Quest is likely to pack leather upholstery, heated seats for ultimate comfort, and touchscreen-enabled HD displays. This model will also put passenger safety and security on the priority list. It includes impressive advancements in the world of safety technology.

Some of its latest and most advanced safety tech features include an HD backing camera, smart headlights, auto dimming mirrors, and improvements in the external and internal frame of the car to guarantee crash protection. In addition to these safety features, Nissan has hinted at the likelihood of a tire pressure monitor, a collision avoidance sensor, parking assistance, ABS braking, and intelligent key system.

2018 Nissan Quest interior

2018 Nissan Quest – Engine and EPA Rating

The 2018 Nissan Quest gets its juice from a potent 3.5-liter V-6 engine that punches out 260 horsepower. The supposed engine ensures that the Quest has everything there is to tackle stringent demands of a modern minivan. This unit will get hooked to a continuously variable (CVT) transmission.

Regarding the mileage, several tests indicate that the engine records 20/27 mpg on the city/highway. This unit has the absolute best efficiency and reduces carbon emissions, placing the new Nissan Quest in a pinnacle reserved for the most fuel-efficient minivans of its class. Overall, the new Quest minivan will take both convenience and performance a notch higher.

Launch Date and Cost

The 2018 Nissan Quest will be arriving in early 2018 and deliveries will kick off later the same year. It will have a starting price tag of around $30,000. Expect the revised Nissan Quest to take on the likes of Kia Sedona, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna.

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