2018 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van, Wagon

Next year marks a new arrival in the automotive industry when 2018 Ford Transit Connect hits the market. Since the T-model transformed the automotive industry in 1903, Ford has been associated with high-quality, low-cost vehicles.

The Ford Transit is the third highest selling commercial vehicle in the world. The much-anticipated Ford Transit connect can be brought as a commercial vehicle or as a family wagon with 7 seats. Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

2018 Ford Transit Connect front

2018 Ford Transit Connect – Design and Roomy Interior

When you’re investing in a commercial vehicle, you want versatility in your transport. All businesses have different needs, after all. This is where the Ford Transit truly excels. There is a wealth of configurations, as well as adjustable head heights, storage spaces and openings. The ability to tailor your transport to your business puts the Ford Transit head and shoulders above the competition in the versatility stakes.

In business and life, first impressions are important. As far as vans go, this one is pretty stylish. The curved interior of the 2018 Ford Transit Connect is sleek whilst the outer shell has a pleasing smoothness. For those who want the practicality of a van in the housing of a passenger vehicle, there’s a wagon version which forgoes storage space for 7 roomy seats. Those with big families will be delighted with the options for folding down, or removing seats to fit in animals, bicycles, camping gear or whatever else it is you need. The looks are much nicer for the passenger version as well, so they’ll be no embarrassment on the school run.

2018 Ford Transit Connect interior

2018 Ford Transit Connect – Powertrain and Gearbox

When it comes to the 2018 Ford Transit Connect, aesthetics and practicality only tell half the story. Another half is, of course, told by the engine. The model will have a 2.5-liter engine that produces 169 horsepower.

The gearbox offers six speeds and is run automatically. To break that down a little, the engine is very smooth, goes fast but lacks a little in the acceleration department due to the additional weight of a commercial vehicle- the passenger is lighter and subsequently, much faster. Its fuel economy in the city/highway is 20/27 mpg for the (cargo van) and 19/27 mpg for the(passenger wagon).

2018 Ford Transit Connect rear

2018 Ford Transit Connect – Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2018 Ford Transit Connect cargo van version will come with a starting price just over $24,000. The Wagon models begin just under $27,000. A fully loaded, 7-passenger Titanium wagon version will be priced around 30.000.

One of the reasons that Ford are so popular is the price, the other reason is the way that they drive. The power steering on the Transit is responsive, as are the brakes. In fact, it doesn’t feel like you’re driving a larger vehicle at all. Behind the wheel, this very much feels like a road car which makes it ideal for local businesses, or families, who are driving through the inner city, or out on the school run.

With a range of options, as well as a passenger vehicle on offer, I feel confident enough to say that the 2018 Ford Transit Connect will be a big hit in 2018. Its nippy, whilst the passenger version is something of a speed demon given it has less weight. The price of these vans is what sets them apart from other vehicles on the market. The way it performs, I’d expect the price to be a lot higher than it is. But that’s the thing with Ford. Their pricing always surprises you. It’s been over a hundred years, but some things never change.

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